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Transfer pricing is the guideline and technique for pricing transactions within and between endeavors under common possession or control. In view of the potential for cross-border controlled transactions to misshape taxable income, tax authorities in numerous nations can change intragroup transfer costs that contrast from what might have been charged by unrelated enterprises dealing at arm’s length. The tax rules identified with transfer pricing are complex and governments are progressively proactive in investigating transfer pricing arrangements and practices. Government reviews of transfer pricing activities can be tedious and upsetting, and the punishments for crossing paths with move valuing rules can be huge. Expanded number of intercompany exchanges has made transfer pricing a leading risk management issue for worldwide organizations. Huge expansion in transfer pricing debates and a worldwide spotlight on base disintegration and profit shifting has guaranteed transfer pricing is a center region for all stakeholders.

A look at the administrations we offer to our customers:

Financially achievable
  • Help multinationals create and carry out financially achievable and monetarily effective TP approaches
  • Assisting organizations in altering existing arrangements to reflect changes in the neighborhood law or business conditions and surveying the likely effect of TP approaches on their general duty position
  • Assisting organizations in testing and detailing move costs, and creating cycles and instruments to screen TP results
Documentation and help with consistence
  • Assisting in the arrangement of contemporaneous documentation in an ideal way as needed under the Indian TP guidelines.
  • Preparation of itemized move valuing documentation identifying with global and indicated homegrown exchanges as required u/s 92D read with Rule 10D of the Rules.
  • Issuance of Accountant’s Report (Form 3CEB) as required u/s 92E read with Rule 10E of the Rules.
  • Assistance in Preparation and accommodation of Master File and Country by Country reports (CBCR) as per OECD’s BEPS Action Plan 13
Move Pricing debates and question goal the board

Assistance in TP review support administrations and in planning and instructions for procedures before the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeal) [CIT(A)], Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP) and the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) corresponding to TP matters

  • Assistance in every one of the stages the whole lifecycle of Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)
  • Assistance in use of Safe Harbor Rules. We gives direction on the qualification, practicality and period for which the Safe Harbor choice is to be worked out, help with the procedural necessities relating thereto, and give direction to portrayals before the particular income specialists and furnish help with consenting to the recommended Safe Harbor standards.

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