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Tax audit consulting in Gurgaon

Tax audit consulting in Gurgaon

How To Acquire Professional Tax Audit Consulting In Gurgaon

The term tax audit refers to the checking, review, verification or we can say inspection of any –

  • Records
  • Transaction and
  • Account

It is the process where the proper inspection of the accounts of a taxpayer to confirm the adherence to the provision.

All of these work requirements for you to own a professional hand, therefore Tax audit consulting in Gurgaon is one of those stops.

If you are looking to manage tax audits then you must reach experts. They can look at entire details right from the beginning and gives you a definite solution.

Different Types Of Tax Audits

There are different types of tax audits and there is a need for the taxpayer to understand them well.

Correspondence Audit

It is known as one of the lower forms of an audit. In this, the tax authority sends a request to the taxpayer asking him about some information.

Office Audit

An office audit is conducted within the office of the tax authority. If you are looking to get the best assistance then Tax audit consulting in Gurgaon will help you to get through all of those.

Field Audit

This audit is known as one of the comprehensive audits. Here the tax authorities evaluate the financial records of individuals.

A field audit is also opposite to the official audit as it is conducted at the taxpayer’s business place.

Main Objective Of Tax Audit

The main objective of the tax audit is to verify the reports of the tax submitted to the authorities.

On the other hand, it ensures businesses maintain the book of accounts. The records of all revenue and expenses in an appropriate manner.

To maintain all the tax records properly there is a need for you to connect with tax experts. Therefore if you are looking for one who can help you then Tax audit consulting in Gurgaon is one of those.

Connecting with them will ensure you the finest result and services which will help you.

Therefore it is a must for one to reach experts, They are well aware of all the information and techniques in which work needs to proceed.

Also, there are some technical requirements which is not the cup of tea for a person. Therefore reaching experts will always be a profitable approach for one.

Why There Is A Need To Undergo Tax Audit?

The process determines whether the transaction and financial records are properly maintained or not.

Once you hire an expert tax consultant they will look at each of your details minutely.

Also, it reflects your actual income of the taxpayer and the claim deduction is made clear.

In the case of an individual to those of professionals, there are different criteria/eligibility for tax.

Once you have assigned a dedicated expert they will look at your entire details.

Thin in turn will help you to know the exact amount of tax to be paid and walk along with rules and regulations.

Documents Required For The Process Of Tax Audit

  • Form 16
  • Salary slip
  • The form of interest from bank
  • Form 16 A/B/C
  • Aadhaar card
  • Form 26 A S
  • Deductions under Section 80D to 80U
  • Home loan statement from bank /NBFC
  • Capital gains

There are different laws drafted in India which governs different types of audit services like-

  • Income tax audit
  • cost audit
  • stock audit
  • company or statutory audit

All of these services are as per the companies act 2013.

Resolve Your Tax Audit Problem With Professionals

Whether you appoint an expert or perform your task on your own, you always need a systematic method.

When it comes to tax audit you should appoint a professional who can give your better result.

Therefore reaching Tax audit consulting in Gurgaon is one of those prime steps. The experts here will give deep research about your plan and give you the suitable result.



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