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    Term Life Insurance Plans: Term insurance is purest and most affordable among the type of insurance policy in which, you can opt for a high life cover for a specific period. You can secure your family’s financial future with a term life insurance plan by paying a low premium.

    Whole Life Insurance Plans: Whole life insurance plans, also known as ‘traditional’ life insurance plans, provide coverage for the entire life of the insured individual, as opposed to any other life insurance instrument that offers coverage for a specific number of years. While a whole life insurance plan offers to pay a death benefit, the plan also contains a savings component, which helps accrue a cash value throughout the policy term.

    Endowment Plans: Endowment plans essentially provide financial coverage to the policyholder against life’s uncertainties, while allowing them to save regularly over a certain period. Upon maturity of the endowment plan, the policyholder receives a lump sum amount if he or she survives the policy term.

    Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP): Unit Linked Insurance Plans are types of insurance policy that offer both investment and insurance benefits under a single policy contract. A portion of the premium that you pay towards a Unit Linked Insurance Plan is allocated to a variety of market-linked equity and debt instruments.

    The remaining premium contributes towards providing the life cover throughout the policy tenure. In this investment-cum-insurance type product, you have the flexibility to choose the allocation of premium into different instruments as per your financial requirements and market risk appetite

    Child Plans: Child plans are types of insurance policy that helps you financially secure your child’s life goals such as higher education and marriage, even in your absence. In other words, child plans offer a combination of savings and insurance benefits that aid you in the financial planning for your child’s future needs at the right age.

    Pension Plans: Pension Plan, also known as retirement plan, is a type of investment plan that aids you in accumulating a portion of your savings over an extended period. Essentially, a pension plan helps you deal with financial uncertainties post-retirement, by ensuring that you continue to receive a steady flow of income even after your working years are over.

    In other words, a pension plan can allow you to create a financial cushion for your life post- retirement, in which you contribute a specific amount of money regularly until your retirement. Subsequently, the accumulated amount is given back to you as annuity or pension at regular intervals.

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