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Business Desk – US/UK/Europe/Japan


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Our professionals will help you to evaluate and decide the best form of Entry of business in India while at the same time leveraging tax benefits to your advantage. Our professionals shall help you in evaluating –

  •  Options for entry (both equity and non-equity forms)
  • Challenges and risks associated with different entry options
  • Evaluation of the regulatory environment, tax and other government incentives
  • Screening of partners/acquisition targets
  • Feasibility study and location analysis (including availability of tax and other government incentives available in various states)
  • Analysis of tax-efficient funding structures and repatriation strategies

Whether you are looking at new markets for the first time, or are already established in India and want to grow your business, we can provide in-depth knowledge of the markets, culture, legal systems, tax, accounting and regulatory framework in India.

Our Business Desk serves as a focal point, connecting clients with the right expert for their specific business need across the practice areas of financial reporting, tax, human resources management, supply chain, sustainability and risk management.

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